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How to Declutter Your Home in 5 Simple Steps This Weekend

Hey there! Ready to reclaim your space and feel the joy of a clutter-free home? Let’s dive into how you can declutter your home in just 5 simple steps this weekend. It’s all about making your space more inviting and less of a “Where did I put that again?” kind of place.

Step 1: Set How to Declutter Your Home

When you’re thinking about decluttering, it’s like setting the stage for a home makeover show starring you. First, picture what you want each space to look like. Is it turning your living room into a cozy, magazine-worthy space? Or maybe you’re dreaming of a kitchen where you can actually see the countertop (imagine that!).

But here’s the kicker: be specific with your goals. Instead of just saying, “I want a cleaner bedroom,” how about, “I want a bedroom with enough space to do my morning yoga.” This way, you’re not just decluttering; you’re creating a vision of your ideal home lifestyle.

Visualize the End Result: Close your eyes and imagine walking into your newly decluttered space. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Visualization is a powerful motivator. It’s like giving yourself a sneak peek of the rewards waiting for you at the end of this decluttering journey.

Set Realistic and Achievable Goals: Rome wasn’t decluttered in a day! Set goals that you can realistically achieve over the weekend. If your home office is overflowing with papers and random gadgets, maybe aim to create a clear workspace and an organized shelf. You don’t have to go full Marie Kondo in one go – small victories matter!

Consider Your Lifestyle: Your decluttering goals should align with your lifestyle. If you’re a busy bee, creating a low-maintenance and minimalist space might be the way to go. Love cooking? An organized pantry and accessible kitchen tools should be your target. Tailor your decluttering to suit how you live.

Write It Down: Grab a notepad or your phone and jot down these goals. Seeing them in black and white makes them more real and gives you a clear roadmap. Plus, ticking off completed tasks? Super satisfying!


Planning something, pen and paper


Step 2: Break It Down

The thought of decluttering your entire house might sound as fun as a trip to the dentist, but here’s a game-changer – break it down, room by room. Think of it like episodes of your favorite TV show; each room is a new episode in your decluttering saga.

Creating a Decluttering Schedule: Grab your calendar or planner and let’s get scheduling. Allocate specific times for each room. Maybe Saturday morning is perfect for sprucing up the living room, while Sunday afternoon is ideal for giving your bedroom some love. By scheduling, you’re not just wishing for a cleaner home; you’re planning for it.

Start with the Easiest Room: Kick off with a room that feels less daunting. Maybe it’s the bathroom, where you can toss empty bottles and old toiletries, or perhaps it’s the dining area, where reorganizing a few things can make a big difference. Starting easy gives you a quick win and sets a positive tone for the rest of the project.

Use Timers for Focused Bursts: Set a timer for each decluttering session. Maybe give yourself 30 minutes per room. This creates a sense of urgency and helps you stay focused. Plus, it’s kinda fun to race against the clock!

Involve the Family or Roommates: Make it a group activity! Assign tasks to family members or roommates. Kids can sort through their toys, while your partner tackles a different area. It’s like having your own decluttering crew, and it makes the task more enjoyable.

Decluttering Categories: In each room, focus on specific categories. In the living room, deal with magazines, books, and DVDs. In the bedroom, focus on clothes and accessories. This categorical approach prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and keeps you on track.

Step 3: Mastering Your System

The ‘Keep’ Pile Items in the ‘Keep’ pile are the easy ones. These are your go-to items, things you use regularly, or those with sentimental value that genuinely make you happy. A good rule of thumb is the 90/90 rule: if you haven’t used it in the last 90 days and don’t plan to in the next 90, maybe it’s not a keeper. Remember, ‘keep’ doesn’t mean hoard – be selective!

The ‘Donate’ Pile The ‘Donate’ pile is for items that are still in good condition but no longer serve a purpose in your life. Clothes that don’t fit, books you’ve read and won’t revisit, or that kitchen gadget you never used – these items can find a new home and be useful to someone else. Consider local charities, shelters, or community centers. Donating not only declutters your home but also helps others and is good for the environment. Win-win!

The ‘Trash’ Pile This one’s for items that are beyond repair or use – broken appliances, worn-out clothes, outdated electronics, etc. It’s important to dispose of these responsibly. Recycle what you can and be mindful of the environment. This pile might also include items that hold no value, even for donation, like old papers or broken items.

The ‘Maybe’ Box Sometimes, there are items you’re just not sure about. For these, create a ‘Maybe’ box. Store these items out of sight and set a reminder for, say, six months. If you haven’t needed or thought about them by then, it’s safe to say you can let them go.

Be Honest and Realistic This step requires honesty. Ask yourself hard questions about why you’re holding onto things. Is it for sentimental reasons, guilt, or the ‘just in case’ mindset? Remember, your goal is a clutter-free space that brings peace and joy, not stress.

One Room at a Time Apply this system room by room. Don’t move to the next room until you’ve sorted through everything in the current one. This keeps the process organized and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.

Involve Others If you live with family or roommates, involve them in this process. They might have different opinions on what to keep, donate, or trash, especially for shared items.

Step 4: Smart Storage Solutions

When it comes to smart storage solutions, it’s all about making the most of what you have and thinking creatively. Let’s start with under-bed storage – it’s a fantastic way to keep things out of sight but still within reach. Imagine sliding out a box from under your bed to grab your winter scarf or extra bedding. It’s about maximizing those hidden spaces.

Next, let’s look at your walls. They’re like blank canvases just waiting to be used. Installing some shelves can not only add character to your room but also provide a perfect spot for books, plants, or your favorite trinkets. And don’t overlook the power of hooks! They’re not just for coats; they can organize so much more, from necklaces in your bedroom to pots and pans in the kitchen.

Now, let’s talk about furniture that does double duty. An ottoman that opens up to reveal storage space or a bed with built-in drawers can be total game-changers, especially in smaller spaces. They keep things tidy and give your items a designated spot.

Looking upwards can open up new storage possibilities too. Tall bookcases or shelves that reach towards the ceiling can store a surprising amount of stuff without eating into your living space. It’s all about going vertical.

And when you’re storing things away, consider using clear containers. They let you see what’s inside at a glance, saving you the hassle of rummaging through boxes. This is particularly handy for items you don’t use every day.


Towels and Baskets organized, Declutter Your Home


Step 5: Maintain the Decluttered Bliss

After you’ve put in the hard work of decluttering, the key is to keep your space as serene and organized as it is now. It’s like after a great haircut; you want to keep it looking fresh and styled just right.

Creating a habit of putting things back where they belong is like the golden rule of maintaining decluttered bliss. It’s simple yet so effective. Imagine your living room staying tidy because everyone knows where the remote goes, or your kitchen staying uncluttered because each gadget has its own spot.

Introducing a ‘one in, one out’ rule can be a game-changer. It’s like having a bouncer at the door of your home, ensuring things don’t get too crowded. Every time a new item comes in, an old one says goodbye. This way, you avoid accumulating stuff and keep your space in that ‘just right’ state.

Incorporate regular mini-declutters into your routine. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal – just a quick look around once a week to ensure everything is where it should be. It’s like giving your home a mini spa treatment on a regular basis.

It’s also helpful to reassess your belongings periodically. Tastes and needs change, and what was essential a year ago might not be now. This keeps your space not only decluttered but also aligned with your current lifestyle.

Embrace Your Decluttering Journey with Joy and Confidence 

Remember, it’s not about achieving perfection or mimicking a showroom. It’s all about creating a space that resonates with your personal taste, lifestyle, and comfort. It’s about turning your home into a sanctuary that reflects who you are and what you love.

So, as you roll up your sleeves and dive into decluttering, keep in mind that every item you sort, every shelf you clear, and every corner you reclaim is a step towards a more harmonious home. It’s about reclaiming your space and your peace of mind. Celebrate the small wins, whether it’s a drawer organized or a whole room transformed. These victories, big or small, are what the decluttering journey is all about.

And remember, decluttering is not a one-time affair; it’s a continuous process of adapting your space to your evolving life. Embrace the changes, and don’t be too hard on yourself if things get a bit cluttered again. With your new skills and mindset, you’ll be able to get back on track in no time.

Once you’ve achieved your decluttering goals, why not take the next step to enhance that sense of freshness and cleanliness? Toronto Shine Cleaning is here to help bring out the best in your home. With a range of services from regular tidying up to deep cleaning, they understand the importance of a clean and welcoming space. Let them add that extra shine to your efforts, ensuring your home is not only decluttered but also deeply clean and inviting.


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