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A Complete Guide to Cleaning After Moving Out

No matter what, if you are relocating to a new apartment or buying a new house, relocating can be a bit difficult task. You have so much going on your mind, right from packing up, and insurance plans to changing your mailing address, things go crazy. So, to solve this issue, you can hire a cleaning service which can help you to deal with this overhead. Also, handling it all by yourself will save money, but will consume your time. So, you need a few move-out cleaning checklists which will make your work easy and will help you to get your kitchen spots covered.

If you are a renter, there here’s a quick move-out guide for you:

Cleaning your house before you move out is an important thing to get your security deposit back and to avoid a cleaning fee from your landlord. So, before you start scrubbing, confirm what the expectations of your landlord are. Yes, it might happen that management will provide their cleaning list for you. So, below is the move-out cleaning basics for you:

1) Cleaning your house from top to bottom: Dirt keeps surfacing high up in the room such as ceiling fans, or shelves. So, it is mandatory to clean your house from top to bottom. This way you wouldn’t accidentally waft dust onto just-cleaned areas.

2) Working in stages: If you have a larger space, cleaning it all at once can be a bit overwhelming process. So, break it up into chunks of time, starting with the areas you will use the least should be cleaned later.

3) Allotting time for last-minute cleaning: Even if you clean in advance of the move-out day, there are some things you will have to clean before leaving such as your bathroom.

Moving-out cleaning checklist:

1) Dusting the ceiling fans

2) Remove any nails or screws from your wall.

3) Wiping down molding and walls

4) Cleaning the windows

5) Washing the doors.

6) Sweeping your floor and then mopping.

7) Dusting any vents.

8) Dusting blinds

Tips for cleaning your kitchen:

  • Emptying your refrigerator.
  • Cleaning the oven and stovetop.
  • Refreshing the dishwasher.
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting the sink.
  • Wiping down and disinfecting your countertops.
  • Clearing out the cabinets.

Cleaning your bathroom:

  • Scrubbing the shower.
  • Cleaning the sink and faucet handles.
  • Cleaning the toilet: First, scrub the bowl and then wipe down the outside.
  • Clearing out and cleaning cabinets.

Cleaning laundry room:

  • Cleaning and deodorizing the washing machine.
  • We hope this guide to cleaning after moving out helps you in some way or the other.

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